Układ nerwowyThe site considered to be the centre of homeostasis regulation is the hypothalamus. A small section of the brain, it is the size of the final joint of the little finger. The nervous system oversees all the processes which occur in our bodies. It forms a complicated network of nerves spread throughout the system, enabling the brain to be provided with information regarding every slightest activity and process taking place inside us.

In terms of function, we distinguish the somatic and autonomic nervous systems. The somatic system is responsible for controlling the functioning of the skeletal muscles, allowing us to move and carry out activities at will. The autonomic system oversees the smooth muscles, the glands and the internal organs. It controls the functions which are independent of our will, such as the activity of the heart and the maintenance of the blood pressure, for instance. Our brain integrates all the information from our surroundings and is capable of processing a colossal amount of information, most of which we are not even aware of. In the course of a single second, ten billion bits of information reach us via our skin, eyes and ears, while our nervous system lets through a scant one tenth of a million.