Health resort therapy is a specific form of physiotherapy, the core of which is a stay in a health resort. This will last for several weeks, during which, therapeutic, rehabilitative and/or preventive procedures are carried out.

One condition essential to obtaining good results for therapy, rehabilitation and prevention is the proper organisation of the environment in which the patients will be staying. A lack of satisfactory results may be caused by the inappropriate organisation of their stay or by their non-adaptation to the health resort’s regime. A sanatorium regime is composed of directives, rules and regulations. These have been scientifically confirmed and their application is an integral part of the therapy.

What the doctors of yore mainly recommended when ‘taking a cure’ was rest; however, those views were to be proved erroneous. Health resort therapy cannot be based solely on protective inhibition, because treatments should lead to the system’s adaptation to variable surrounding conditions, something which can only be achieved by the use of stimuli. When sick people stay in a health resort and adapt to the regime there, they correct their previous habits, taking their body’s needs into consideration.