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Halotherapy numbers amongst the most effective of physiotherapeutic treatment methods. In order to understand its action, it is first necessary to become familiar both with the principles underlying therapy which makes use of the phenomenon of the body’s reactivity to stimuli and with the impact that a healthy lifestyle has on its effectiveness.

The human body is possessed of an extraordinary capability to protect itself. However, at times it needs a little help, which we can provide by observing appropriate behaviour in terms of healthy lifestyle and by employing remedial physiotherapeutic treatments. Physical therapy methods strengthen the body’s natural defence mechanisms and encourage it to fight against illness, as a result of which, it takes an active part in the recovery process. This is why the use of supportive physiotherapy procedures induces a more effective progress in the basic treatment.

The pursuit of professional aspirations and the momentum of life wreak havoc on the normal diurnal, or circadian, order and disrupt our biological rhythms. In its wake, the march of civilisation brings risks to the human body in the form of environmental pollution. A host of diseases unknown to us until recently now torment society. Such is the price we pay for technological progress.

In the past decade, we have seen a turning away from the methods of health and spa resorts. Pharmacological and invasive treatment methods geared toward instant results are bought at the cost of side effects. The headlong tempo of life is accustoming us to instantly visible results. By employing surgical and pharmacological methods alone, we anaesthetise our natural defence mechanisms, rendering our bodies defenceless in the fight against the enormous threat which contemporary civilisation brings with it.