Estudio 4

Gorbenko PP, Adamova IV, Sinitsyna TM.

Terapevticheskii Arkhiv, 1996;68(8):24-8.

Bronchial hyperreactivity to the inhalation of hypo- and hyperosmolar aerosols and its correction by halotherapy

18 bronchial asthma (BA) patients (12 with mild and 6 with moderate disease) were examined before and after halotherapy (HT) for airways reactivity using provocative tests with ultrasonic inhalations of purified water (UIPW) and hypertonic salt solution (HSS). Bronchial hyperreactivity (BHR) to UIPW and HSS before treatment occurred in 13 and 11 patients (72 and 69%, respectively). HT reduced BHR in 2/3 and 1/2 of the patients, respectively. In the rest patients BHR was unchanged or increased, being so to UIPW only in patients with atopic asthma in attenuating exacerbation. Clinical efficacy of HT and initial BHR to UIPW correlated (r = 0.56; p < 0.05). No correlation was found between HT efficacy and initial BHR to HSS.