Estudio 11

Chervinskaya A.V., Zilber N.A.

Saint-Petersburg Pavlov National Medical University, Russia

Joint-Stock Company Aeromed, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Journal of Aerosol Medicine, 1995 Fall;8(3):221-32

Halotherapy for treatment of respiratory diseases

This work elucidates the questions upon the development of a new drug-free method of a respiratory diseases treatment. Halotherapy (HT) is mode of treatment in a controlled air medium which simulates a natural salt cave microclimate. The main curative factor is dry sodium chloride aerosol with particles of 2 to 5 mkm in size. Particles density (0.5-9 mg/m3) varies with the type of the disease. Other factors are comfortable temperature- humidity regime, the hypobacterial and allergen-free air environment saturated with aeroions. The effect of HT was evaluated in 124 patients (pts) with various types of respiratory diseases. The control group of 15 pts received placebo. HT course consisted of 10-20 daily procedures of 1 hour. HT resulted in improvements of clinical state in the most of patients. The positive dynamics of flow-volume loop parameters and decrease of bronchial resistance measured by bodyplethysmography were observed. The changes in control group parameters after HT were not statistically significant. The specificity of this method is the low concentration and gradual administration of dry sodium chloride aerosol. Data on healing mechanisms of a specific airdispersive environment of sodium chloride while while treatment the respiratory diseases are discussed.